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What Are the Benefits of a Breast Lift with Implants?

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Benefits of breast lift with implants

Why Combine a Breast Lift with Implants

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt like your breasts no longer reflect the image you have of yourself? Perhaps pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or simply the natural ageing process have left them looking deflated, sagging, or out of proportion. If this resonates with you, a breast uplift with implants might be something to consider. This combined procedure offers a powerful way to rejuvenate your figure and restore a sense of harmony to your body.

In this blog, Consultant Plastic Surgeon Anca Breahna will discuss the details of having a breast uplift with breast implants.

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A Complex Approach to Breast Rejuvenation

A breast lift with implants is like a powerful duo, tackling two common concerns that many women face – sagging and loss of volume in the breasts. This combined approach, sometimes referred to as a “mummy makeover” when paired with other procedures, offers a comprehensive solution for women seeking a more dramatic change.

Here’s a closer look at each part of this approach:

Breast Uplift (Mastopexy)

Think of a breast lift (mastopexy) as a “reset” button for your bust. Over time, factors like gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations can cause your breasts to lose their youthful perkiness and begin to sag. This sagging, known medically as ptosis, can make you feel self-conscious and affect how your clothes fit.

During a breast lift, Anca:

  • Removes Excess Skin: This is key to eliminating sagging. By carefully excising the stretched-out skin, Anca can create a firmer, more lifted foundation for the breasts.
  • Tightens Surrounding Tissue: The remaining breast tissue is repositioned and tightened to restore a more youthful contour. This helps to reshape the breasts and improve their overall shape.
  • Repositions the Nipple and Areola: In cases of significant sagging, the nipple and areola may also be repositioned higher on the breast mound to achieve a more natural and aesthetically pleasing look.

The result? A perkier, more youthful breast profile that defies the effects of time and gravity.

Breast Implants: Restoring Volume and Enhancing Shape

While a breast lift addresses sagging, breast implants come into play when you want to increase your breast size, fullness, and projection. They add volume where it’s been lost, creating a more balanced and proportionate silhouette.

Here’s what you need to know about implants:

  • Placement: Implants are typically placed either under the breast tissue (subglandular placement) or under the chest muscle (submuscular placement). The best placement for you depends on factors like your anatomy, the amount of existing breast tissue, and Anca’s recommendation.
  • Types: As we discussed earlier, implants come in various sizes, shapes (round or teardrop), and materials (silicone or saline). Anca will help you choose the right type based on your desired outcome and individual needs.

Download the Breast Uplift Guide

Breast Uplift Guide

Different Types of Implants Available

When it comes to breast implants, there are a few key factors that differentiate the types available:

Filling Material

  • Saline Implants: These implants have a silicone shell filled with sterile saltwater (saline solution). They are inserted empty and then filled to the desired size during surgery. Saline implants are generally less expensive than silicone implants. If a saline implant ruptures, it will deflate, and the body will naturally absorb the saline solution.
  • Silicone Gel Implants: These implants are pre-filled with a cohesive silicone gel that mimics the feel of natural breast tissue. They tend to hold their shape better than saline implants and may feel softer to the touch. If a silicone implant ruptures, it’s less likely to deflate noticeably.


  • Round Implants: These implants create a fuller, more rounded appearance with more projection at the top. They are a popular choice for women who want a noticeable increase in breast size and fullness.
  • Teardrop Implants (Anatomical Implants): These implants are shaped like a teardrop, with a gradual slope from top to bottom, mimicking the natural contour of the breast. They are often preferred by women who want a more natural-looking result with less projection at the top.


  • Smooth Implants: These implants have a smooth outer shell, which allows for more movement within the breast pocket.
  • Textured Implants: These implants have a textured outer shell, which is thought to reduce the risk of capsular contracture (scar tissue hardening around the implant).

Choosing the right type of implant is a personal decision that should be made in consultation with Anca. She will consider your body type, desired outcome, and any individual factors to recommend the best option for you.

Download the Breast Augmentation Guide

Breast Augmentation Guide

Combining Breast Uplift with Breast Implants

Imagine a musical masterpiece where each instrument plays its part to create a harmonious symphony. That’s what a breast lift with implants achieves – a harmonious transformation of your bust, blending the best of both procedures.

It’s not just about adding volume or simply lifting sagging breasts. It’s about sculpting a more balanced, youthful, and aesthetically pleasing silhouette that aligns with your body and your desires. Here’s how this powerful combination unlocks a new level of transformation:

Youthful-looking Breasts

Time takes its toll, but with this combined approach, you can turn back the clock. The breast lift combats the effects of gravity, lifting the breasts to a higher position, while the implants restore lost volume, creating a perkier, more youthful décolletage.

Fullness and Projection

Many women desire a fuller, more projected bustline. Implants, carefully chosen for size and shape, provide this enhancement. Combined with the lift, it’s not just about bigger; it’s about achieving a natural-looking fullness that complements your frame.


Natural variations in breast size and shape are common. This procedure can address asymmetry, creating a more balanced and harmonious look. The lift ensures both breasts sit at the same height, while the implants can be strategically sized to achieve optimal symmetry.

Proportion and Balance

Your breasts are part of your overall silhouette. This combined approach considers your unique proportions, ensuring the final result complements your body type. It’s about achieving a balanced look where your breasts enhance, not overpower, your natural figure.

What Can a Breast Lift with Implants Achieve?

This combined approach offers a range of benefits that go beyond simply increasing breast size. Here are some key advantages:

  • Enhanced Breast Shape and Size: This is the most obvious benefit. You get to customise your breast size and achieve a shape that complements your body type and personal preferences.
  • Improved Breast Symmetry: If you have naturally uneven breasts, this procedure can help create a more balanced and symmetrical look.
  • Lifted, Youthful Appearance: By removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissues, a breast lift combats sagging and restores a perkier, more youthful breast profile.
  • Enhanced Cleavage: Many women find that this procedure enhances their cleavage, creating a more defined and appealing contour.
  • Improved Clothing Fit: With a lifted and reshaped bust, clothes often fit better, particularly tops, dresses, and swimwear. This can boost your enjoyment of fashion and make you feel more comfortable in your clothes.

Who is a Good Candidate?

The best candidates are those who:

  • Are in good overall health: This ensures you can safely undergo surgery and heal properly.
  • Have realistic expectations: It’s important to understand the procedure’s limitations and have a clear idea of your desired outcome.
  • Are finished having children: Pregnancy and breastfeeding can impact the results of the surgery, so it’s generally recommended to wait until you’ve completed your family.
  • Are bothered by sagging breasts and desire increased volume: This procedure is ideal for women who want to address both size and shape concerns.

Making the Decision to Undergo Breast Uplift with Implants

Choosing to undergo any surgical procedure is a significant decision. That’s why a thorough consultation with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon is essential. During this meeting:

  • Discuss your goals and expectations: Be open and honest about what you hope to achieve with the surgery.
  • Review your medical history: Anca will assess your overall health and any potential risk factors.
  • Explore different options: Anca will discuss various implant types, sizes, and placement options to help you make informed choices.
  • Ask questions: Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have about the procedure, recovery, or potential risks.

What to Expect during Recovery

The recovery period after a breast lift with implants is typically longer than a breast augmentation alone. You can expect:

  • Wearing a surgical bra: This provides support and helps minimise swelling.
  • Managing discomfort: Pain medication can help manage any discomfort during the initial recovery phase.
  • Gradual return to activities: You’ll need to avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting for several weeks.
  • Scars: While scars are inevitable, Anca will make incisions in discreet locations to minimise their appearance.

The Average Cost of a Breast Lift with Implants

It’s difficult to give an exact cost for a breast lift with implants because several factors influence the final price. These include:

  • Surgeon’s fees: Experienced surgeons often have higher fees.
  • Anaesthesia fees: This depends on the type of anaesthesia used and the anaesthesiologist’s fees.
  • Facility fees: Surgery performed in a hospital typically costs more than in an outpatient surgical centre.
  • Implant type: Silicone implants generally cost more than saline implants.
  • Geographic location: Costs can vary significantly depending on where you live.

As a general guide, you can expect to pay between £7,000 and £12,000 for a breast lift with implants in the UK.

Keep in mind that this is just an estimate. It’s essential to schedule a consultation with Consultant Plastic Surgeon Anca Breahna to get an accurate quote tailored to your specific needs and desired outcome.

FAQs about Breast Lift with Implants

FAQs Anca Breahna

Will my breast lift with implants look natural?

  • This is a top concern for many women. A skilled surgeon prioritises natural-looking results. They’ll consider your body proportions, existing breast tissue, and desired cup size to select appropriate implants and tailor the lift technique. Open communication about your desired outcome is key during consultations.

Can I breastfeed after a breast lift with implants?

  • It’s possible, but not guaranteed. Breast lift incisions and scar tissue can interfere with milk ducts. Implant placement (above or below the muscle) also plays a role. If breastfeeding is important to you, discuss this extensively with Anca beforehand, as she may recommend alternative options.

How long will my breast lift with implants last?

  • While considered long-lasting, it’s not permanent. Gravity, ageing, and lifestyle factors continue to affect your body. However, a well-performed procedure can provide a decade or more of noticeable improvement. Maintaining a stable weight and healthy lifestyle can help prolong results.

What are the alternatives to a breast lift with implants?

  • If you’re unsure about surgery, options like a breast lift alone (for minimal sagging), fat transfer breast augmentation (using your own fat), or even non-surgical skin tightening treatments may be considered. Anca can advise on the best course of action based on your individual needs.

What is the emotional recovery like after this procedure?

  • Physical healing is one aspect, but emotional adjustment is important too. Some women experience a surge in confidence, while others take time to adapt to their new body image. Open communication with your support system and, if needed, seeking professional counselling can be beneficial during this period.

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About Anca Breahna – Consultant Plastic Surgeon

top UK cosmetic surgeon anca breahnaMs Anca Breahna, PhD, MSc, FEBOPRAS, FRCS (Plast) is a highly regarded Consultant Plastic Surgeon specialising in the field of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. Anca performs a range of breast, body and face surgery and minor skin procedures.

As one of the very few female Plastic Surgeons in her region, she is able to offer that unique female perspective, with empathy, attention to detail and personalised care.

Anca Breahna’s surgical training has been largely undertaken within the United Kingdom. She began a rigorous training programme in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 1999, after achieving her medical degree from the University of Bucharest. Miss Breahna attained her PhD degree at the same university in 2007 for her medical research. She then relocated to the UK to further extend her qualifications and training.

Anca’s NHS practice is now focused on Breast Reconstructive Surgery, Skin Cancer Surgery, Hand Surgery and soft tissue reconstruction. Over the last 15 years, through her pursuit of further training and education, Anca has developed a special interest and expert practical experience in a range of Aesthetic Breast and Body Surgery.

It is Anca’s true dedication and commitment to her field, that sets her aside from her peers. Her extensive surgical training means that you are in safe hands. She is renowned for providing exceptional care, support and helping achieve realistic goals for her patients.

Anca will treat you in a straightforward manner, with respect, consideration and empathy to ensure you are comfortable with your choice.



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