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Solutions for Saggy Breasts

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Saggy breasts

Causes and Solutions for Breast Ptosis

Breast ptosis, commonly referred to as saggy breasts, is a natural occurrence that many women experience at some point in their lives. Whether it’s due to ageing, pregnancy, or significant weight changes, sagging breasts can have both a physical and emotional impact.

As a leading Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Anca Breahna understands the intricacies of this condition and offers a range of treatments to help women regain their confidence and comfort. In this blog, we’ll discuss the causes of breast ptosis, its emotional repercussions, and the solutions available.

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What Is Breast Ptosis?

Breast ptosis is defined by the position of the nipple in relation to the inframammary fold, the point where the underside of the breast meets the chest wall. There are three grades of breast ptosis:

  • Grade I: Mild ptosis where the nipple is at the level of the inframammary fold but remains above the lower breast tissue
  • Grade II: Moderate ptosis where the nipple is located below the inframammary fold but not at the lowest part of the breast
  • Grade III: Severe ptosis where the nipple is at the lowest point of the breast and points downwards

Common Causes of Breast Ptosis

Breast ptosis can be attributed to a variety of factors, some of which are inevitable:

  • Ageing: As women age, the connective tissues in the breasts, known as Cooper’s ligaments, stretch and lose elasticity. This, combined with the loss of skin elasticity, leads to sagging
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: The breasts undergo significant changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They enlarge and become heavier, stretching the skin. Once breastfeeding is done, the breasts may not return to their pre-pregnancy form, leading to sagging
  • Weight Fluctuations: Rapid weight gain or loss can cause the breast skin to stretch. If weight loss is significant, the breasts may not have enough tissue to fill the stretched skin, resulting in sagging
  • Genetics: Some women are genetically predisposed to have less elastic skin or weaker connective tissues in the breasts, making them more susceptible to ptosis
  • Gravity’s Effect over Time: The constant pull of gravity can lead to gradual stretching of the breast tissues over the years

For many women, saggy breasts are not just a cosmetic concern. They can lead to emotional distress, affecting self-esteem and body image. Feeling self-conscious in certain clothing or swimwear, or even avoiding social situations, can take a toll on one’s mental well-being.

Physically, sagging breasts can cause discomfort. Women may experience skin irritation beneath the breastfold or pain in the neck, back, and shoulders, especially if the breasts are larger.

Non-Surgical Solutions to Treat Saggy Breasts

While surgical interventions offer long-lasting results, not every woman is ready or willing to go under the knife. Fortunately, there are non-surgical solutions that can provide temporary relief or improvement in the appearance of saggy breasts. Here are some of the most popular non-invasive methods:

Proper Bra Support

  • The Right Fit: One of the simplest ways to combat the appearance of sagging breasts is to wear a well-fitted bra. A staggering number of women wear the wrong bra size, which can exacerbate the appearance of sagging. It’s essential to get professionally measured and choose bras that offer good support
  • Specialised Bras: There are bras specifically designed to lift and shape the breasts. Push-up bras, for instance, can give the illusion of fuller, perkier breasts. Full-support bras with wide straps can also help in distributing the weight of the breasts evenly, reducing strain on the back and shoulders

Exercise and Muscle Toning

  • Chest Exercises: While exercises can’t reverse skin sagging, they can tone the muscles beneath the breasts, giving them a firmer appearance. Some effective exercises include push-ups, chest presses, chest flies, and dumbbell pullovers
  • Posture: Maintaining good posture can make a significant difference in how the breasts appear. Standing tall with the shoulders back can lift the breasts and give them a more youthful position

Topical Treatments and Massages

  • Breast Firming Creams: The market is flooded with creams and lotions that claim to tighten and firm the skin. While they might not offer dramatic results, some can hydrate and improve skin elasticity to a certain extent. Look for products with ingredients like collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid
  • Massage: Regular breast massages using natural oils like olive oil or almond oil can improve blood circulation, leading to firmer skin. Massages can also help in toning the breast tissue over time

Lifestyle Choices

  • Avoid Rapid Weight Fluctuations: As mentioned earlier, rapid weight gain or loss can lead to sagging. Maintaining a stable weight can help preserve the elasticity of the breast skin
  • Sun Protection: Prolonged sun exposure can break down collagen and elastin in the skin, leading to premature sagging. Always apply sunscreen to the chest area when exposed to the sun
  • Healthy Diet: A diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can promote skin health. Foods like berries, nuts, and fish can boost collagen production, which is crucial for skin elasticity

While these non-surgical solutions can offer some improvement, it’s essential to have realistic expectations. For those seeking dramatic and long-lasting results, surgical interventions might be the best route. Anca can provide expert guidance on the most suitable treatment options tailored to individual needs.

Surgical Solutions

Solutions for breast ptosis

For those seeking more permanent and pronounced results, surgical interventions remain the gold standard. Anca, with her vast experience and expertise, offers a range of surgical solutions tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Here’s a closer look at the most popular surgical treatments for breast ptosis:

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

  • The Procedure: A breast uplift, or mastopexy, involves removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour. The nipples and areolas can also be repositioned to a more youthful height
  • Ideal Candidates: Women who are content with the size of their breasts but want to lift and firm them are ideal candidates for a breast uplift. It’s particularly popular among women post-pregnancy or after significant weight loss
  • Recovery and Results: Recovery time varies, but most patients can return to non-strenuous activities within a week. The results are long-lasting, with breasts appearing perkier and more youthful. Scarring is inevitable but tends to fade over time and can be concealed beneath swimwear and bras

Breast Augmentation with Lift

  • The Procedure: This combines the lifting benefits of a mastopexy with the volume enhancement of breast augmentation. Implants (either silicone or saline) are inserted to increase breast size, while excess skin is removed to lift and tighten
  • Ideal Candidates: Women who want to increase their breast size while also addressing sagging are suitable candidates. It’s a comprehensive solution for those looking to rejuvenate their bust
  • Recovery and Results: Recovery is similar to a breast lift, with most patients resuming normal activities within a week. The results offer both enhanced volume and a lifted appearance, giving a youthful and fuller bust

Breast Reduction

  • The Procedure: For some women, sagging is accompanied by overly large breasts that can cause physical discomfort. A breast reduction removes excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with the body
  • Ideal Candidates: Women experiencing back, neck, or shoulder pain due to large breasts or those who find their breast size limiting their physical activity can benefit immensely from this procedure
  • Recovery and Results: Recovery can take a few weeks, with patients advised to avoid strenuous activities. The results are not just cosmetic; many women report relief from physical discomfort

Choosing the Right Treatment

Navigating the world of breast rejuvenation can be overwhelming with the myriad of options available. However, the key to achieving the desired outcome lies in selecting the right treatment tailored to individual needs. Here’s a guide to making an informed decision:

Consultation with Anca Breahna

  • Personalised Assessment: Every woman’s body and goals are unique. A thorough consultation with Anca provides an opportunity to discuss personal concerns, desired outcomes, and get a professional assessment of the best treatment options
  • Viewing Before-and-After Photos: before-and-after photos can offer a realistic expectation of potential results. It’s a chance to see her expertise in action and understand the power of the procedures
  • Discussing Concerns: Any surgical procedure can be daunting. A consultation is the perfect time to voice any anxieties, ask questions about the surgery, recovery, risks, and benefits

Factors to Consider

  • Age and Health Status: While age isn’t a strict barrier, younger skin tends to have better elasticity, which can influence the outcome. Additionally, being in good health can ensure a smoother surgical procedure and recovery
  • Future Plans: For women considering future pregnancies, it’s essential to discuss this with Anca. Pregnancy and breastfeeding post-surgery can alter the results, so timing can be crucial
  • Recovery Time: Different procedures come with varied recovery times. It’s vital to consider personal and work commitments when planning surgery
  • Budget: While it’s essential not to compromise on quality, especially with surgical procedures, understanding the cost implications can help in making an informed decision

Longevity of Results

  • Non-Surgical vs. Surgical: While non-surgical solutions can offer improvement, their results are often temporary. Surgical solutions, on the other hand, provide long-lasting outcomes, making them a more permanent solution to breast ptosis
  • Maintenance: Even with surgical interventions, maintaining results with a healthy lifestyle, proper skincare, and regular check-ups can ensure the longevity of the results

FAQs about Saggy Breasts and Breast Ptosis

FAQs Anca Breahna

Can wearing a bra all the time prevent breast sagging?

  • While wearing a supportive bra can help in maintaining the shape of the breasts and prevent discomfort, especially during physical activities, it’s a myth that constantly wearing a bra can entirely prevent sagging. Breast sagging is primarily influenced by factors like genetics, age, and significant life events like pregnancy.

Does breastfeeding directly cause breasts to sag?

  • It’s a common misconception that breastfeeding alone causes sagging. While the breasts do undergo changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding, factors like the number of pregnancies, age, and significant weight changes during pregnancy play a more substantial role in breast sagging than breastfeeding itself.

Are there any natural remedies to reverse breast sagging?

  • While certain exercises can tone the chest muscles and some natural oils might improve skin elasticity, no natural remedy can reverse sagging breasts entirely. Surgical interventions remain the most effective solution for significant sagging.

Can weight training or chest exercises cause breasts to sag?

  • No, weight training or exercises targeting the chest muscles (like push-ups or chest presses) can actually help in toning the muscles beneath the breasts, giving them a firmer appearance. Keep in mind that it’s essential to wear a supportive sports bra during such activities to prevent strain on the breast tissue.

Is it possible for younger women to experience breast ptosis?

  • Yes, while age is a common factor, younger women can also experience breast ptosis, especially if they have larger breasts, have had significant weight fluctuations, or have a genetic predisposition to sagging.

How can I determine the grade of my breast ptosis?

  • The grade of breast ptosis is typically determined by the position of the nipple in relation to the inframammary fold. A consultation with a plastic surgeon, like Anca Breahna, can provide an accurate assessment of the ptosis grade and the best treatment options.

Are the results of surgical interventions for breast ptosis permanent?

  • While surgical solutions like a breast lift offer long-lasting results, no procedure can halt the natural ageing process. Over time, factors like ageing, gravity, and life events can influence the shape and position of the breasts. With proper care and lifestyle choices, the results of surgical interventions can be maintained for many years.

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top UK cosmetic surgeon anca breahnaMs Anca Breahna, PhD, MSc, FEBOPRAS, FRCS (Plast) is a highly regarded Consultant Plastic Surgeon specialising in the field of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. Anca performs a range of breast, body and face surgery and minor skin procedures.

As one of the very few female Plastic Surgeons in her region, she is able to offer that unique female perspective, with empathy, attention to detail and personalised care.

Anca Breahna’s surgical training has been largely undertaken within the United Kingdom. She began a rigorous training programme in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 1999, after achieving her medical degree from the University of Bucharest. Miss Breahna attained her PhD degree at the same university in 2007 for her medical research. She then relocated to the UK to further extend her qualifications and training.

Anca’s NHS practice is now focused on Breast Reconstructive Surgery, Skin Cancer Surgery, Hand Surgery and soft tissue reconstruction. Over the last 15 years, through her pursuit of further training and education, Anca has developed a special interest and expert practical experience in a range of Aesthetic Breast and Body Surgery.

It is Anca’s true dedication and commitment to her field, that sets her aside from her peers. Her extensive surgical training means that you are in safe hands. She is renowned for providing exceptional care, support and helping achieve realistic goals for her patients.

Anca will treat you in a straightforward manner, with respect, consideration and empathy to ensure you are comfortable with your choice.



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